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Ceramic and cannabis

by Maitri Team |

Since its creation, Maïtri wants to destigmatize the use of cannabis and to redefine the image of the consumers. We develop sophisticated, simple, eco-friendly and locally manufactured products and accessories in Canada in order to communicate our values and vision.


Ceramics and cannabis have always been associated with each other. It is only with the fairly recent advent of glass that the majority of accessories manufacturers made the switch and use this new material instead. Ceramics are very similar to glass in terms of solidity and structure, except that it is opaque. Moreover, thanks to its inert nature, we can make objects and accessories intended for human consumption with this material. Think of all this high-end porcelain tableware!

This is why we use ceramics in the majority of our accessories, although it also adds a unique touch to the product that glass can't do. We believe that it is the key that allows us to display our true colors and to proudly demonstrate our desire to change the image of cannabis and its world.

Besides, the use of ceramics in cannabis accessories dated back a long time. This historical aspect is part of our vision. Prohibition is a concept invented from scratch in the 21st century, and we believe that the use of ceramics is essential to communicate the origin of the plant and its full potential.

The Chillum 

Back in the days, cannabis was crucial to various societies, whether for spiritual, material - such as rope or textile - or medical purposes.

The chillum was the first known bong dedicate to cannabis consumption. It is, in fact, a conical tube of clay, in which you put the smoking substance. The chillum was traditionally used for smoking a mix of hashish and tobacco. Originated from India, it was quickly adopted by several civilizations. It is now possible to find several variants of the chillum on the market, in particular, the one made of a combination of wood components. 


Ceramics are a "living" material. Unlike metal or wood, this material cannot be machined. In other words, there is no exact science when it comes to working with this component.

Ceramics are nothing but a mixture of soil and water. It is during the heating process that it takes on its full meaning and solidifies. In fact, the clay, a mixture of soil and water, is poured into a plaster mold. The mold absorbs the water, and the clay stays on the walls.

A first firing allows the item to harden up, yet malleable enough to put on the finishing touches with tools and sandpaper. It is during the second firing, at over 2000 degrees Celsius, that the vitrification process takes place. This step transforms and densifies the internal structure of the molecules, which hardens up the final product as a result. 

Funny fact: during the two firings, the ceramics shrink in all directions. Hence, during the design stage, it is important to create a mold about 15% larger than the desired dimensions.


Maitri is not your typical accessory enterprise. We are a high-end brand offering a whole new level of high-quality products and experiences in the emerging legal cannabis industry.


All our accessories and products aim for excellence and innovation through simplicity. We take this as an opportunity to make a return to the roots and develop easy to use products with a simple design.


Being creative in everything we do is part of our guidelines. Creating useful, easy to use, neutral, trustworthy, timeless, and nice-looking products are our priority. We pay attention to the smallest details.


We are convinced that our products will contribute to reinventing and bolstering the image of the ethical consumer. Whether via the simplicity or the design of our products, we want to give a sophisticated image and a breath of fresh air to the industry.