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The benefits of micro-dosing

The benefits of micro-dosing

Looking to introduce cannabis to a healthy lifestyle but fear the buzz usually associated with its consumption? If that’s the case, micro-dosing might be just what you are looking for. Derived from the pharmaceutical world, the expression refers to what may be termed the "minimum effective dose," or in other words, the smallest amount required to cause beneficial changes in the body without having to suffer side effects and a pronounced euphoria. Let’s demystify this practice that’s gaining a growing number of ganja followers, who just like us, believe that its full potential lies in moderation.


First, let’s remember that the characteristics of cannabis are the result of the action of endocannabinoids on the endocannabinoid system whose regulation process - called homeostasis - contributes to the normal functioning of the body and the mind. No less importantly, the substance also has biphasic properties, which means that it can produce opposite responses depending on the amount consumed. Occasional feelings of dizziness, nausea or fatigue could, therefore, be the sign you went a little overboard. By balancing your dosage just right, the psychoactive attributes can be minimized - or even non-existent - and therefore becomes one of the best remedies to avoid the occurrence of adverse effects while allowing the daily use of the plant without interfering with your focus or productivity.


The question is tough to answer as it varies from a person to another based on a multitude of factors such as metabolism, the sensitivity of the endocannabinoid system, weight, size, diet, and overall health. What works for others can for that matter prove to be unsuccessful to you. Not to mention the impact of the flower being used and it's THC/CBD concentration that will create a different impression depending on each. In this regard, start by exploring strains’ detailed product sheets available on different platforms which will help understand how they might affect you. The information will serve as a good starting point from which to experiment and find the one - or combination of many - that answers your needs.

As it is personalized medicine, you will probably need time, patience and training to find your right balance, but believe us, the exercise is worth the effort. In fact, studies on the subject are gradually being defined, as is the case of Dr. Dustin Sulak, Medical Cannabis Specialist and CEO of Ingr8 who discovered that most of his patients have a certain threshold: staying under results in a progressive increase of health benefits over time, while the opposite creates a tolerance, thus diminishing the benefits and increasing the side effects when they go over. The latter therefore proposes a protocol to self-identify one’s optimal dose, pushing the consumer to the frontier of intoxication without crossing it.


Many methods exist to take full advantage of the plant, but some are considered more effective in exercising rigorous control. Thanks to the improvement of infusion techniques, edibles seem today to be the most promising one with various products containing small amounts of THC - less than 3mg for micro-dosing - that are gaining momentum on the marketplace. Either offered in the shape of chocolate, mint sweets or tea bags to name just a few, they have the advantage of being discreetly appreciated at all times and offer an accurate knowledge of what is ingested. One could also consider preparing its own edibles with oil extracts whose various and calibrated ratios of CBD and THC will meet the needs and sensitivities of each patient. And to avoid the powerful and prolonged sensations they are often associated with, be cautious with the dosage of psychoactive ingredients and keep in mind that more than an hour can pass before their occurrence. One again starts slow and make your way up gradually is the key to having a great time.

Vaping is another viable option in that it provides a very pure vapor and immediate benefits which allows a better control of the dosage. Go with small inhalations and space each of them to analyze the effect they have on you until you attain the desired feeling. If this method is right for you, various portable devices are available to indulge in subtlety while providing a softer fragrance and more delicate flavors than by burning.

Microdosing can, therefore, be an incontestable attraction for new consumers getting familiar with the plant, but also seems to be of interest to the more experienced ones to temper the use and reduce its costs. As a whole, micro-dosing is a good example of the development of the cannabis sector and a relevant way to change the perception we have while helping to reduce the myths and negative stereotypes still too often attributed to its consumers.

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